Friday, September 7, 2012

Dark Vengeance!

The new chaos models are soooo tasty! Now that I have the Dark Vengeance sprues in hand, I can confirm: the detailing on the models and the quality of the molding is exemplary. GW continues to up its game and set new standards for the industry. (And now they really need to, don't they? Given all of the competition that's springing up.)

And I ardently love and enthusiastically endorse GW's evolving take on chaos. The Chosen models in particular look every bit as twisted and scarred. grotesque and lethal as the recent Possessed figures. In other words, they radiate Chaos and corruption. I feel as though GW has found the aesthetic and achieved the sculpting/molding capability to create creatures that truly deserve the name of Chaos.

I initially resolved to buy Dark Vengeance anticipating the cultist models. Which are pretty good -- some truly wicked, others a bit cartoonish.

When pictures of the Hellbrute started surfacing a week or two ago, I grew truly excited. And this model does not disappoint. In fact, it delights! The way the design grafts "daemon engine" with "organic," and the way it crafts horror as well as "bad ass" in the look and feel of the creature -- it all feels the way I imagine chaos to be. This is what I have been trying to achieve with the Harrowed. And GW, of course, executes on the vision far better than I can.

But the gems in the kit, I feel now that I've opened it, are the Chosen. Evil, evil things. No longer human or super-human. Ambassadors of pain. Nightmares with guns. Fucking chaos.