Saturday, March 5, 2011

Warp Gate fully formed

I've finished sculpting on the Warp Gate. In characteristically ravenous chaotic fashion the thing has consumed an absurd volume of greenstuff. And, literally, a measure of blood as well (when I cut myself on a daemonette talon while sculpting).

Here's the "membrane side":
Daemons, Terrain, Warp Gate

And here's the "hand side":
Daemons, Terrain, Warp Gate
(It's a shame about that crack at the bottom, but at this stage I think I'll have to just make do and move on.)

One more look: here's how it might appear from a player's p.o.v., approaching the gate.
Daemons, Terrain, Warp Gate

Now it's on to other parts of the table. I've got to pull together an entire daemon-world table over the next week!

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