Sunday, January 16, 2011

Making a Display Board

I'm making a display base for the Harrowed.

The goal is to end up with a board that will conveniently hold The Harrowed -- meaning it has to be basically flat and plain. But I also want the board to nest the army in a setting that creates narrative context. In this case, I want the daemons to be swarming over a landscape that evokes an imperial temple.

I'm also using this project as an opportunity to experiment with some new (at least, new for me) terrain building techniques. Specifically, I wanted to try my hand at this method for modeling paved floors.

I started by buying a framed bulletin board for a base, and some foam core to make into a temple floor.

Then I drew a grid (for tiles) and an aquila, and started carving.
Display Board, Terrain

Early results were mixed. The temple floor grid looked great. The aquila kind of sucked.
Display Board, Terrain

So I ended up carving up a smaller "platform" and simply gluing it over my first attempt.

So now I have this:
Display Board, Terrain

So far, I like it. Now I'm mulling over ideas for desecrating it in some suitably "Harrowed" fashion. (Though I don't want to make it too busy, as it's just meant to be a frame for the army.)

First I need to coat the foam with watered-down PVA, to make it more durable (and to primer it without melting it).

Meanwhile, I really like this technique. I'm sensing some terrain building in my near future!

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