Friday, August 10, 2012


Time to bring this blog back to life.  The arrival of Sixth Edition, in tandem with new daemon releases and the imminent arrival of a new Chaos Space Marines codex, has revived my interest in Warhammer 40k.  I want to dive back in.

With both feet, this time. I want to get back to writing narratives, modeling, and painting. As well as playing, of course.

Played a great game last night at our local club, with Matt. Chaos, Harrowed, Warhammer 40,000
He brought Tyranids, including a nasty Flying Hive Tyrant (tricked up with Biomancy--Iron Arm), a Mawloc, several Zoanthropes, some Hive Guard, a Tervigon, a Warrior squad, and an assortment of little bugs (Termagaunts, Hormagaunts, Genestealers). I'm experimenting with new lists, including CSM allies. And decided to roll with Tzeentch: a Lord of Change, Bluescribes, a Soul Grinder, Screamers, Flamers, and Horrors. For allies, I enlisted an accompanying Word Bearers detachment: a Sorcerer, a Tactical Squad, and a small Obliterator Cult. We're both wrapping our heads around the new rule set, getting a feel for the new dynamics of play. Each of us had a flying monstrous creature. Because I never had an ideal chance to capitalize on the possibility of grounding the Flyrant, and because he never seemed as dangerous as other bugs already on the ground, I never tried to ground him. He did manage to ground my Lord of Change after a few rounds, and then came at him with the Warriors. Meanwhile, the CSM/Sorcerer squad anchored my back lines, absorbed a lot of Tyranid shooting (more or less successfully), then a charge from the Mawloc (much less successfully). Chaos, Harrowed, Warhammer 40,000
The Word Bearers may not have killed much, but they did at least lure the Tyranids into a general advance that let me slip daemons into his back lines, where I created a series of more favorable match-ups (Horrors shooting Genestealers; Screamers taking out the Tervigon; Horrors shooting up the Zoanthropes....) Before we ran out of time, we each killed about equal amounts of each other's army. And had a great time.
 Chaos, Harrowed, Warhammer 40,000
An auspicious way to spend a Thursday.... And (hopefully) to relaunch this blog!


  1. Re: Grounding a Flyrant: Next time, bring a Hydra. And load it with those incendiary rounds. And maybe have a local Techpriest bless it, too...

  2. I'd love to bring a Hydra, but I'd have to hijack it from some other list!

    I'm thinking for daemons, the best way to ground flyers might be to vector strike them with daemonic flying monstrous creatures, and meanwhile be ready to assault them if they get grounded.

    Another option would be to field a quad-gun-armed fortification or aegis line (which would have to be manned with chaos space marine allies, since leaving them unoccupied as the game began, which daemons would have to do, would leave them vulnerable to occupation by enemy infiltrators). That option seems pretty fragile, though.